Version: 3.0.0

About Caravaggio

Caravaggio is a fast image proxy written in node.js.

It is basically a webservice which let you manipulate images before serving them to your audience on your website or in your application. It can be used with an external CDN like CloudFlare or it can cache the images itself.

What it's not

Caravaggio tries to achieve a clear goal and to outperform at it. In order to focus on the main goal, it is not designed to do the following things:

  • Store your images. You cannot upload your images onto Caravaggio and later retrieve them; you always need an external place to store your data like S3 or others. Caravaggio can store your images when it acts as a cache but only for faster response time. This data have to be considered volatile. Look at cache configuration
  • An API. At the moment Caravaggio does not expose any API.