Version: 2.8.0


Caravaggio can be installed in different ways, through docker or with npm. Depending on your needs, find here your way.


You can install Caravaggio globally with

npm install -g caravaggio

and then run it with


Pass --help to discover the available options


The easiest way to install Carvaggio is through docker. It's the suggested way of installing it in production since it can be easily scaled and restarted.

docker pull ramielcreations/caravaggio
docker run --name caravaggio -p 8565:8565 -dti ramielcreations/caravaggio:latest

Caravaggio will be available on port 8565. To change the port or to run it with different options, refer to the docker documentation.


Developers can clone from the gitlab repository.

git clone

Now you can run it with

cd caravaggio
npm install
npm start